Rainbow Six Siege Nordic Tournaments

Ubisoft Nordic presents - Rainbow Six Siege Nordic Championship 2020

The official Championship in the Nordic region will consist of an online part and an offline finale.
8 teams will play eachother twice during the online part of the tournament - Each team playing a total of 14 matches online.
The 4 best placed teams will be invited to the offline finale.


League placement:
1st: 8.000 € | 2nd: 4.000 € | 3rd & 4th 2.000 € | 5th to 8th: 1.000 €

LAN Finals placement:
1st: 8.000 € | 2nd: 4.000 € | 3rd & 4th: 2000 €

You can find a lot of information about the Championship and its teams on this site.
We feature scores, teams, schedule and more for the official Rainbow Six Siege Nordic Championship 2020.

Teams and players that are not part of the Nordic Championship, should keep there eyes on our discord for info on other Nordic Tournaments. We want to make sure everyone can play in tournaments and enjoy the game.
In order to qualify for Nordic community tournaments, your teams must consist of at least 3 Nordic players.

Please make sure to read the rules for any tournament you sign up for!

Official Ubisoft Nordic discord: http://discord.gg/UbisoftNordic
Here you have access to admins, support and news - and can find fellow players.

Replays & Highlights

Round 1 Match 4
Round 1 Match 3
Round 1 Match 2
Round 1 Match 1